CROWNED IN EARTH – “A Vortex of Earthly Chimes”

“A Vortex of Earthly Chimes”
Black Widow Records

Groovy 70’s style Doom Rock / Metal – this band even has their own Mellotron player! Bringing to mind Black Sabbath, Nektar, Atomic Rooster and I’d even say there’s some Creme influence in the mix. Crowned in Earth creates a slow and doomy classic psychedelic rock adventure that continues moving forward and doesn’t get mired in repetition.  With tracks like “Watch the Waves” and it’s classic watery style vocals and the classic groves of “Winter Slumber” , Crowned in Earth have created one of the more enticing Doom metal releases I’ve heard in some time. “A Vortex of Earthly Chimes” will be on CD and LP from legendary Italian label Black Widow Records – the vinyl edition of this release will just be killer!

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