Crucifyre – “Black Magic Fire”


Crucifyre – “Black Magic Fire” (Pulverised Records)

Founded by drummer Yassin Hillborg, from the old-school cult Death Metal band Afflicted and consisting of members from Sweden’s most notable bands such as Morbid, Crematory, Nasum and Repugnant, Crucifyre is an extreme metallers tribute to the early black death style of bands such as Possessed, early Slayer and especially Mercyful Fate – indeed legendary guitarist Hank Shermann actually guests on this sophomore album! Formed in 2006, Crucifyre have nailed the sound just right in taking us back to the revolutionary proto sound that these bands evoked when they first came out: raw, hoarse vocals and Yassin’s own dull, pounding drums stamping their evil authority all over songs like ‘Apocalypse Whore’, ‘Anneliese‘ and Wolf’s Hour’. Of course, it’s the twin guitars of TG and Urban Skytt that really make the difference, sometimes working in harmony to produce the sorta fantastic doom death riffs that made Candlemass famous, while during other moments shredding off one another’s whirring diddly dee solos to maximum effect. The songs have a variety of tempos and while there is undoubted brutality, there are also plenty of melodic moments when the band either evoke occult elements, rock out punk style or go in full throttle with their wailing heavy metal soloing! Recorded in the same studio as ABBA and Lady Ga Ga (!), “Black Magic Fire” is a superior release that masterfully takes that classic 80s primitive style and brings it into modernity without losing any scent of its cult sound or savagery.

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