CRURIFRAGIUM “Black Beast Of Bestiality”

”Black Beast Of Bestiality”
(Larval Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

This is a first time on vinyl release. If you are well into the US black metal scene you will recognize the name CRURIFRAGIUM from their 2015 demo days, or even from the 2017 debut album. I gotta say that I have no idea who this band is and what they have done before but from reading the press release I thought that they were further back in time and not as recent as 2015. But that is just minor digressions. This is black metal in the very raw and primitive Blasphemy/Profanatica way. If you like your black metal very primordial and almost like a wall of noise you’re gonna love this. I like this kind of murky, almost non-decipherable extreme metal. The one you gotta really concentrate on hearing. The A-side to this LP is the 2015 demo. The B-side is a live recording. As I don’t care too much for those kinda recordings I have only concentrated on the A-side. Anders Ekdahl

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