CRUSHER “Endless Torment”

“Endless Torment”
(Metal Scrap Records)
Crusher seem to be an old school thrash metal band like the one we found in the 80s/90s. A band that likes to smoke pot and skate till death. A perfect crossover band in other words. Like a Suicidal Tendencies for the 10s. Or for those of you younger a Municipal Waste. When you do a cover of a slayer song and it isn’t “Angel Of Death” you get my two thumps up. Crusher have the good taste of doing “Jesus Saves”. That pretty much sets the tone for the album. This is old school thrash the way it was done in the 90s. But what saves it from being just a nostalgia trip is that it doesn’t sound old school. It sounds as fresh today as it did back then. So if you’re looking for a thrash band to tie you over until the new Municipal Waste or Bonded By Blood albums are released this will do just fine. Anders Ekdahl

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