CRYFEMAL “Eterna Oscuridad”

“Eterna Oscuridad”
(Immortal Frost Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

I like all kinds of black metal. Depending on my mood my fave sub-genre changes. It can one day be atmospheric, the other necro and a third symphonic. I cannot just keep myself to one style. But it also means that I get to experience a plentitude of great black metal acts from all over the world. And for that I am extremely grateful. Being indecisive isn’t always a bad thing. My latest fave discovery is this new album from CRYFEMAL. If you like your black metal dirty and raw this is the one to check out. You can feel how the guitars rip through your flesh like a blunt knife. It hurts to listen to this one. But that is also what makes this so bloody great. Black metal isn’t meant to be nice. It is meant to be a fuck you to all and everything. And this is really a fuck you. Anders Ekdahl

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