CRYING STEEL “Time Stand Steel”

“Time Stand Steel”
(My Graveyard)
There is something to a band with the word steel in its name. It is a sort of declaration of intent that you can’t mistake for anything but. CRYING STEEL says to me that this will be heavy metal in a good old traditional way. No fancy modernities. For a long time I wasn’t the greatest defender of Judas Priest. I thought that they were a bit overrated (I know, how stupid was I) but once I gave them a really good chance to impress me I regretted not having paid more attention to them. CRYING STEEL have the same kind of vibe going for them that Judas Priest had from “Defenders Of The Faith” up until “Painkiller”, “Turbo” included. This might not be as heavy metal as Iron maiden or Saxon was at the same time but it is heavy metal enough to make me think back to the 80s with a smile on my face. No, I’m not being sentimental. It is just that great music is great no matter what age it is played. Anders Ekdahl

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