CRYOGENIC IMPLOSION “Creation Of the New World”

“Creation Of The New World”
(Metal Scrap Records)
Death metal can be so many different things; Cannibal Corpse gore, Morbid Angel esoteric or just plain melodeath. Cryogenic Implosion represent a fourth variation ; the technical one. I’m no big fan of overly technical metal. I often get lost in all the wizardry to the extent that I loose interest. And although I can appreciate the skill I prefer my music simple and straight forward. But as with anything there are exceptions. While not being technical to the point of ridiculous Cryogenic Implosion makes me think of Polish Decapitated or Hate. Bands that have no problem with cramming a thousand notes into one song. I must say that I surprised myself by liking this as much as I do. Perhaps that is because Cryogenic Implosion aren’t too technical. I have no problem following their music. And that makes it easier to like it. And like it I do. Anders

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