CRYOSTASIUM “The Posessor”

”The Possessor”
(Fish Prints)

Battle Helm Rating

At first I didn’t notice it because I was too distracted looking the other bits of the cover but in the background you have an anime character looming over it all. I have no idea what the significance of that is. I am not new to CRYOSTASIUM. But every time I think I have figured this entity out it changes its presence. But I think I am certain enough to say that the base is black metal but then it is built upon with loads of different blocks. So you can get ambient, indie, dark ambient, anime and whatever the creator seems to feel like. This time it seems to be more on the black metal side. But still with that twist that is CRYOSTASIUM. This is one of those bands that are an acquired taste. You really gotta hear this for yourself, and not just one release because that doesn’t tell the whole picture. I know where I am at when it comes to this band, and that is on the “I like” side. Anders Ekdahl

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