CRYPTIC FOG ”Staring through The Veil”

”Staring through The Veil”

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Okay, I am a band name buff but sometime it even gets too much for me. CRYPTIC FOG are two words that individually are cool but when combined don’t really make that much sense. But I am sure that they look cool as a logo. I don’t know what I thought that this was gonna be musically because the name has both a death as well as black metal feel to it. But I gotta say that I am well pleased to hear that this is some sort of black, death amalgamation. I can hear traces of classic Morbid Angel in this. And being the major Morbid Angel fan I am this gets my two thumbs up. And the fact that I hear other stuff that makes me shine like a light adds to my approval. This turned out to be a hell of a ride. Anders Ekdahl

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