CRYPTIVORE “Unseen Divinty”

“Unseen Divinty”
(Blood Harvest)

Battle Helm Rating

This whole idea of releasing tapes is a bloody nice one. I am not that much of a fan of the tape as a format but I do like the idea. And if I get my hands on some I do buy them. This is a one-man Aussie death metal/grindcore explosion. I love all kinds of death metal, from the melodic to the utterly chaotic but I think that this style that CRYPTIVORE play is at my top 3 of death metal styles. To best describe it I would say that this sounds in parts like Incantation. That will give you some idea of where on the scale this is. Throw in some Morbid Angel heaviness too and you get a really cool death metal demo. Two thumps up. Anders Ekdahl

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