This might seem like blasphemy but I have not heard a single Cryptopsy album, let alone a single song. I have always thought that Cryptopsy would be too much of a hassle to listen to to even bother checking them out. I remember how much of a struggle it was to listen to Atheist and latter day Death and then to go for something even more hard on the ear technically was too much for me. But now I can’t fight off the band anymore. I am not much of a jazz guy. I have a hard time with all the free form jamming that seems to go on in that scene. I like my music a bit more structured. But with bands like Cryptopsy I get a feeling that the music is too structured, too thought out in miniscule detail. Then again, I’m man enough to admit to being wrong. This wasn’t as hard on the ear as I thought it be after reading about Cryptopsy all those years. There is the technical side to it but you don’t need an advanced degree in music to understand it. A good place as any to start a relationship with Cryptopsy. Anders Ekdahl

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