Cryptopsy – “The Book of Suffering Tome 1”


Cryptopsy – “The Book of Suffering Tome 1” EP (

Wild man, I mean totally wild! Whoever said that Cryptopsy had lost it has certainly lost it themselves!! Despite a jaded past and no original members – aside from longtime drummer extraordinaire Flo Mounier – Cryptopsy somehow and amazingly got it together on their seventh self titled studio album suavely blending technical death metal with modern deathcore. With three years since that release and fan hunger for new material unabated, the band have taken a different approach this time in releasing 3 planned EPs – this being the first – allowing them to put out new music more often. It is also seen as a more collaborative approach between the band and its followers, being crowd funded and essentially delivered for the fans. Well, the 4 tracks here don’t lack anything in the way of brutality and manic intensity! Vocalist Matt McGachy seems to go through every form of extreme singing from screamo to gutturals to hoarse rapid fire shout outs where at times I wonder if his lungs will burst on the wonderfully named ‘Halothane Glow’ – definitely no clean vocals in sight here mate! Likewise, Christian Donaldson seems like a man possessed as he shreds his guitar to jet fighter speeds, warbling dark melodies at a 1,000 mph while firing out shorter, but more frequent solos and showing his technical skill to boot on the likes of ‘Framed By Blood’. Together with Olivier Pinard, whose fast bass runs occasionally rear their head out of the intense mix, they produce some seriously catchy grooves that would surprise many for such an extreme band, especially on the ultra fast ‘The Knife, The Head and What Remains’ where they work a treat as the tempo changes here n there to a slower speed. As for Flo Mounier himself, his drum work is nothing short of nuclear with of course, heaps of precision that make him the maestro that he is – just check out opener ‘Detritus (The One They Kept)’ for no further proof necessary! Produced by Donaldson, mixed by Jason Suecoff and mastered by Alan Douches, “The Book of Suffering Tome 1” see’s Cryptopsy return to the caliber that has made their name one of the mainstays in Canadian death metal.

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