Cullooden – “Silent Scream”


Cullooden – “Silent Scream” (Dead End Exit Records)

Phenomenal. This has gotta be one of the best rock albums I’ve heard in a while! Ten years in the making, it’s been well worth it radiating amazing musicianship and pulsating with brilliance in every song writing aspect that resonated through my mind just like a planet orbiting the sun. Cullooden come from Sweden and play hard rock with a prog element although I wouldn’t call them a prog band per se as they are so much more than that. Oozing flowing melodies and harmonies as smooth as butter mixed with a tight punchy modern rock, songs like ‘Heaven Feels So Hollow’, ‘Embrace Your Destiny’ and ‘Star Of The Night’ were like an uplifting lights shining through the greyness of modern rock mundanity. Still, along with their beauty comes a beast when Cullooden kick ass – and doing so with even more style mixing heavy djent beats and even some cool scratching as Fredrik Joakimsson’s vocals glide in with the grace of a swan. Cullooden is just amazing rock man, just amazing rock!

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