Cult Of Luna – “Vertikal”

Cult Of Luna – “Vertikal” (Indie Recordings)

Cult of Luna are back…with a new album here in “Vertikal” (their first in five years) as well as touring! Formed in 2001 when their sound was more doom like to one these days best described as ‘post metal’ based on a range of sounds often contrasted by complex light and dark orchestrations that garner comparisons to the likes of Isis or The Ocean. It certainly fits the bill and even more so when I realized this album was based on Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”, with its grey, monotone industrial landscape, as depicted vividly by the album cover as well as a sound that at times, resonated like a factory given the band were overdubbing cymbals by hitting metal objects! With this foundation, the harsh vocals, raw guitar and prominent bass add to the noise brilliantly contrasted by long ambient pieces often filled only with delicate percussion that makes for an almost surreal atmosphere. If that wasn’t enough the liberal use of electronics adds even more texture to enrich songs like ‘The Weapon’, ‘Mute Departure’ and ‘In Awe Of’ – which is an understatement given how deep this album is as it pushes the dimensions of music into an art form. Seeing the band play this material live must be like stepping into a brave new world and the band truly deserve recognition for this stupendous achievement. Cult of Luna are back!!

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