CULT OF THE FOX “Angelsbane”

(Rock It Up)
I did an interview with this band a long time ago. Anybody that remembers that one? This South Swedish band is another in a long line of trad metal bands that we have seen popping up in the last 5 – 10 years. As I’m a huge metalhead I like this phenomenon and can’t get enough of it. With bands like In Solitude and Portrait that sounds like Mercyful Fate’s long lost cousin CULT OF THE FOX comes along introducing themselves as a cousin third removed. This is as heavy as Mercyful Fate was on their first two albums. You could call this trad metal if your traditions comes from the heavier side of the Danish metal scene. But seeing as I’m a huge sucka for that kind of metal this speaks volumes to me. I can’t but like this album. It sounds like a Mercyful Fate/Evil for the 21st century. Anders Ekdahl

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