Cultfinder – “Black Thrashing Terror”

Cultfinder – “Black Thrashing Terror” EP (Eldritch Lunar Miasma)

Every now and then a band comes along that pulls out the stops and brings the shit. England’s Cultfinder have done just that with only 3 songs. Going back to the days of old black thrash when the two comfortably swirled around the same foul smelling trough, “Black Thrashing Terror” reminds me of similar obscene beasts like early Napalm Death, Onslaught and Iron Monkey where the music owed itself as much to the heaviest of metal as it did to the crustiest punk. And so it is too with Cultfinder, although the well executed musicianship of this trio should not be overlooked in bringing to life the true evil of songs like ‘Archangel Burial’ and ‘Witching Curse’. Nasty stuff indeed with no hint whatsoever of compromise – you can either like it or fuck off.

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