Culture Killer – “Throes Of Mankind”


Culture Killer – “Throes Of Mankind” (Metal Blade Records)

With the Florida scene long established as a hotbed in metal, Culture Killer are the new upstarts causing a stir going from being a local act to being vaulted onto the international metal scene with this full length. Aptly titled, this isn’t an album for the faint of heart. With dark, unpleasant subject matter like domestic violence, child molestation and sex trafficking added to the quota of more familiar issues of racism, drugs and religion, Culture Killer take a clear view to ‘..speak it and live it..’. Appropriately playing death core, songs like ‘Hellbent‘, ‘Blindfolded Death‘ and my personal fave ‘(Sub)Stance‘ tell it all and bring to light topics that many would feel should not be discussed. While not breaking any genre barriers, Culture Killer’s material certainly has plenty of meaty hooks, sliding grooves and an intelligent use of tempo changes making this go beyond obvious deathcore circles into the realms of metal and hardcore, and especially moshpit metal bands like of Lamb of God or Hatebreed. Individually, the band members excel from Ian Campbell‘s visceral, stomach churning vocals that have a real air of predatory menace to the ugly, physically challenging guitars of Trevor Kopp and Dylan Boyer, with their mind bending djent riffs, not to mention Dylan Blow’s cool double bass drumming beats. “Throes Of Mankind” is definitely an extreme release, but for those yet to take a trip to the wild side, Culture Killer could be the band to take you there.

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