Battle Helm Rating

This is a three way split between two Swedish bands and one Icelandic band. All well known within their own spheres. And with their own take on what black metal. CURSE are like cross between Motorhead and Darkthrone. This is very much the black’n’roll that when done wrong rubs me the wrong way in so many directions that it’s ridiculous. But this isn’t that bad at all. I find myself liking the simplicity of CURSE. STYGGELSE are more 80s sounding. More German in their approach. Still simple and to the point but with more of a thrashy feel to their black metal. WAN are more on the heavy side of things. There is some of the same feeling that latter day Satyricon has to the sound of WAN. This is much more black metal than the other two acts on this disc. But what all have in common is that they play it simple. There are no grand gestures to it. And there don’t need to be when it is done well. Anders Ekdahl

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