Cut Up – “Forensic Nightmares”

Cut Up

Cut Up – “Forensic Nightmares” (Metal Blade Records)

Anyone lamenting the passing of Sweden’s death metal gods Vomitory can raise a bloody cup to Cut Up, the new band formed by drummer Tobias Gustafsson and vocalist / bassist Erik Rundqvist. After 24 years I seriously did not think we’d seen the last of these death metal legends in one form or another and it didn’t take long for them to hook up with Anders Bertilsson (Coldworker) and guitarist / vocalist Andreas Björnson (Fetus Stench), both of whom shared their same musical ideals of violent, visceral, grinding death metal! With an immense, heavy sound made all the more brutal by now not one, but two predatory growlers and Gustafsson’s double bass drumming overdrive on the faster numbers like ‘Stab And Stab Again’, it was the slower numbers like ‘Brain Cell Holocaust’ that really showed off this new band’s capability with crushing but catchy riffs and evil chuggers like ‘Remember The Flesh’ straight from Evil Chuck Schuldiner’s diddly-dee school complete with some classy neo classical soloing! With Rundqvist’s own massive bass sound completing the musical mayhem, Cut Up is the next murderous pact returning Swe-death once again to the fore of the death metal ensemble!

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