Cut Up – “Wherever They May Rot”

Cut Up – “Wherever They May Rot” (Metal Blade Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Formed after the fracture of legendary Swe-deth band Vomitory, Cut Up features no less than 3/4 of its line up in Erik Rundqvist (bass, vocals), guitarist Anders Bertilsson and drummer Tobias Gustafsson. Joining them is guitarist / vocalist Andreas Bjornson who together with Rundqvist brings a dual vocal style more than capable of inflicting its fair share of death upon the planet! With 2 full length releases already under their collective (bullet) belts, “Wherever They May Rot” is an utter bloodbath from start to finish, and where the band have pushed the boundaries, there has been no compromise whatsoever in their ferocious style. In fact, the ‘pushing’ seems to have been only to go faster, heavier and even more aggressive than before! Roaring vocals that would make a bear s–t itself, heavy dirty crunching guitars spewing forth down tuned death and a rhythm of relentless blasting make this a non stop rampage across the 11 tracks here. Exploding with ‘From Ear To Ear’ the driller killer guitars fight like piranhas as Gustafsson’s drums threaten to break the land speed record – honestly, it’s a wonder his bass pedals haven’t melted – while the HM2 sound is just killa! Where there is a slower pace like on the title track ‘Wherever They May Rot’, the emphasis is on grinding brutality while on the likes of the tastefully named ‘Vermin Funeral’ the twisted, guttural vocals actually come close to resembling ‘singing’ along with a melodic solo. Indeed, melody is something of a low priority here, largely consigned to subtleties rather than anything overt, which is a bit of a shame, because I think it works and only serves to make the material more memorable. Whatever your take though, this impressive collection of musical violence should quench any bloodlust no matter how intense the hunger!

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