CYCLOPHONIA “Impact Is Imminent”

“Impact Is imminent”
(Battlegod Productions)
No this is not Norwegian Cyclophonia doing Exodus album by the same name. This is nowhere near thrash metal. Instead this is power metal the way it was done in the early 00s. It’s been a long time since I heard a power metal album and even longer since I heard a Norwegian one. With my love for trad metal I will always have a special spot for power metal in my heart. And as such this is not too shabby. Sure, you get all the usual trademarks but what did you expect. What I like about power metal is the combination of power and melodies. You can actually sing along to it if you so like. Great stuff to do the dishes to while you sing the choruses. I can’t think of another Norwegian power metal band apart from ARTCH back in the 80s. That would make Cyclophonia a rare breed and should therefore be treated with respect. Anders Ekdahl

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