CYSTIC DYSENTRY “Culture Of Death”

“Culture Of Death”
(Deathgasm Records)
This has the promise of being along the lines of Cannibal Corpse or the stuff Sevared Records releases. Death metal in its most brutal and raw form. No pussy footing. Just plain good old take no prisoner death metal. I’ll be disappointed if this turns out any other way. I had not to worry. This is the kind of death metal that is full of blast beats and a growler from the deepest pits of hell. No way you’ll be able to decipher any lyrics here. Instead you’ll have to take the vocals as another instrument. I might not have gotten Cannibal Corpse the first time I heard them. 20 odd years later I simply love this kind of death metal. Cystic Dysentry have stilled my need for this kind of death metal this week. Anders Ekdahl

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