D-A-D – “A Prayer For The Loud”

D-A-D – “A Prayer For The Loud” (AFM Records)
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Indeed, it doesn’t sound like Denmark’s most famous hard rock band have quietened down in the 8 years since their last release! Originally called Disneyland After Dark, D-A-D have released 11 albums and are well known on the international touring circuit for their no frills but instantly catchy red blooded rock touched by a hint of punk. From adrenaline soaked rockers to heart grabbing ballads, the strong melodies are present throughout and in abundance be it through the vocals and guitar work, going straight for your heart and soul, whether tenderly or to rock you out into the morning! “A Prayer For The Loud” doesn’t err from this winning formula, and despite the band being formed in 1982, it’s amazing how the 11 songs don’t owe their sound or style to any era, but rather the timeless essence of the band themselves, who remain with the same line up of the Binzer brothers, Stig Pedersen and Laust Sonne. Opening with the aptly titled ‘Burning Star’ the clash of raw riffs, hard back beat and luring twanged melodies instantly hook you through the big, live sound to clap and sing along before the magnetic solo just blows you away – wow. Bringing in the blues on ‘A Prayer For The Loud’, the plucked strings do all the talking before the volume hits into the massive chorus dripping with rock energy and passion – a D-A-D trademark if there ever was one! Mid tempo but ever so kick ass is ‘Nothing Ever Changes’ with its groovy melody gliding along to Jesper Binzer’s vocals, the rock energy building through Pedersen and Sonne’s hard hitting rhythm into…well, you guessed it – another monster singalong chorus that would resonate equally in a club or a stadium thanks to the respected talent of this band. Although lighter, ‘The Sky Is Made Of Blues’ is heart grabbing from the off thanks to the soulful, tender blues tinged guitar wailing occasionally and of course, yet more melodies oozing throughout with undying passion. Then there’s the simple acoustic beauty of ‘A Drug For The Heart’, a guaranteed tear jerker especially after the crooning solo, attesting to D-A-D’s composing brilliance, and then some. Sending you off into the night full of rock n roll dreams is ‘Happy Days In Hell’, a mid tempo rocker harking back to the early days with its heavy twanging guitars, raw vocals heaping in the hooks and constant melodies constantly only eclipsed by another award winning chorus. Yeah, D-A-D are back. B-I-G. T-I-M-E.
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