D-A-D – “Dic.nii.lan.daft.erd.ark”

D-A-D – “Dic.nii.lan.daft.erd.ark” Deluxe Edition (AFM Records)

Known as the Kings Of Danish Rock, D-A-D have been rockin since the 80s, when they were a cowpunk band known as Disneyland After Dark – that is, until Disney Corp threatened legal action! Since then they’ve grown mainly in their homeland although they are known in Europe. Essentially a pure rock band, their history has also seen elements of glam, indie and punk also feature in their material but in the main it’s throaty rock vocals, power rhythms and rock out melodies that allows these guys to hold their own at flagship festivals ranging from Roskilde to Wacken. I guess the bottom line is that despite being old rockers D-A-D’s music is timeless in its appeal to generation after generation by sticking to the true elements that make rock music what it is, and in many ways they set the blueprint for today’s Scandinavian rockers like Backyard Babies and Hardcore Superstar. This monster deluxe package is a re-issue of their 2011 album “Dic.nii.lan.daft.erd.ark” with songs like ‘Breaking Them Heart By Heart’, plus 5 acoustic versions including ‘Last Time In Neverland’ and no less than 11 live tracks culminating in ‘The Place Of The Heart’. It’s rock to shake the rafters, mellow hearts and still be cheeky to Mickey lol

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