DAD MARIA “Sequences”

There are some band’s names that I don’t even begin to understand. Dad Maria is one of them. What the hell!!! Hopefully the music will be way better than the band name. I doubt it could be much worse than it already is. Talk about an anonymous name. OK, I’ll stop focusing on the band name. Every so often along comes a record that doesn’t do a thing for me. DAD MARIA’s latest EP is one of those records (at least in parts). This is too eclectic for me. I have nothing against bands that mixes the somber with the more chaotic but there are limits to how much of it I can take. And even though this is just a five-tracker I find myself slipping away in some tracks. If they just could decide on one style and sticking to it I’d be onboard. As it is now I’m only 70% convinced. Anders Ekdahl

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