DAMASCUS ”Forest Of Dreams”

”Forest Of Dreams”
(Arkeyn Steel Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Whenever I see the word DAMASCUS it triggers something in me that I can’t really put my finger on. What I do know is that it doesn’t evoke memories of this band from Muskegon, Michigan. Even though I might have read about them in a fanzine or two back in the days. And as much as I love the fact that there are metalheads out there that invest time and money digging up obscure gems that might have gone unnoticed I sometime feel that is has become a sport in finding the most obscure gems. And not everything old is worth rediscovering. But when it is a cool as DAMASCUS debut album from 1989 I don’t mind. Released as a limited to 1000 run cassette album it is no wonder that not too many had a chance to get their hands on it. Musically it is very much a child of its time. Queensrÿche had yet to break really big and we were still struck with the whole glam scene. To me this is like a mix of Rush and early Queensrÿche. Prog meeting metal. Anders Ekdahl

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