Battle Helm Rating

This is a new acquaintance of mine. But I am really looking forward to getting to know this lot a bit better. The outside looks pretty darn exciting so I hope that the inside is as enticing as the outside. I am a sucker for a really cool album cover. To me that is part of the whole experience. A really dull cover can kill even the greatest musical experience. I gotta say that the expectations from the cover were met when the music started. This is bluesy hardrock that kinda reminds me of an edgier Van Halen, a not so fun and upbeat version. Not that there isn’t tempo in this but there is more of a darker, European edge to this. I am strange in that I like my hardrock syrupy melodic and my death metal extremely dark and rotten. DAMN FREAKS are hardrock with a bluesy edge and even though it falls between my extremes there is something to this that makes me smile. Anders Ekdahl

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