“Bringer Of Light”
Ever since I heard Omen’s “Battle Cry” I’ve had a special place in my metal heart for power metal. I don’t get to hear as many power metal albums as I would have liked so whenever one drops in on me I treasure that moment for a long time. DAMNATION ANGELS will hopefully clench some of my thirst. This one started with a massive blast, once you got past the intro. I am a huge sucker for symphonic power metal. I love Kamelot and any band that is reminiscent of that. So when I got to hear this album by DAMNATION ANGELS it was like being treated to the best cake in the coffee shop, and on my birthday too. I couldn’t be any happier. I wouldn’t call it a religious moment but it sure was a revelation to hear this album at this time and point. Oh how I miss some good power metal. Anders Ekdahl

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