DANIELLE BLOOM “Meet Me In the Middle”

”Meet Me In The Middle”
When you come from Nashville people immediately assume that you are going to be a country artist but not me. I have over the last couple of years come upon enough cool hardrock/metal acts from Nashville to know that there is more to the town than cowboys and gals. When I listen to this album I get feelings of bands from the early 90s before grunge hit it big. The bluesier end of hardrock from bands that I know the names of but can’t get off the tip of my tongue. If I look really hard in my CD collection I’ll find them. If you close your eyes when you listen to this album you can almost see Danielle Bloom moving about enjoying herself up on that stage. This is the kind of music that is best served live. That is where its soul thrives the best. Not being tied down on a sterile CD disc. Anders Ekdahl

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