Danko Jones – “A Rock Supreme”

Danko Jones – “A Rock Supreme” (AFM Records)
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If you crave fast, funky high energy rock then get ready for the new Danko Jones album – which is indeed, “A Rock Supreme”!!! I dunno what happened in the last 2 years but I don’t remember this Canadian hard rock trio being so ramped up or happy for that matter, and it’s not like the world took a turn for the better. As such this 9th album comes as a welcome breath of pumping hard rock n roll fire in its 11 hugely catchy tracks, with heaps of hip shaking grooves and more than a hint of cheeky sass reminding me on more than one occasion of Phil Lynott in the vocals. Kicking the living shit out of audiences from Utah to Ulan Bator, touring with everyone from Guns N Roses to Volbeat, and playing international festivals from Rock Am Ring to Wacken to Hellfest, Danko Jones have created a name for themselves over the years, and the amazing material here on “A Rock Supreme” is almost a tribute to that life on the road, from the very live sound to the straight up, no bullshit hard rock songs here. Just get down n dirty on ‘Dance Dance Dance’ as Jones’s funky rhymes and vocal highs possess you immediately to – take a guess – yes, dance, and most of all, keep dancing while on the straight up one-two rocker of ‘Lipstick City’ the spirit of Lynott is abundant as Rich Knox and John Calabrese add the pumping power and hard back beat to give the song – indeed the whole album – a ballsy sound in perfect complement to the masses of funkiness. Stripped down and simplistic as it be may, the instant catchiness and memorability, not to mention sheer rock out power of the songs like on ‘Party’ don’t just inject the adrenaline, but keep you hooked as the singalong verses and melodies prove to be a natural high in themselves while ‘Burn In Hell’ is nothing short of a fast, barn burning cow rocker  complete with cowbell and country croons, but thanks to that driving beat of Calabrese and Knox, still a headbanger. Closing with the apt ‘You Can’t Keep Us Down’ the chorus title is nothing short of an anthem peaking the hard, defiant beat and street attitude vocals really giving it the finger to the naysayers. Although I wouldn’t have called myself a Danko Jones fan, this album really did it for me so I can only see “A Rock Supreme” taking ’em even higher! 
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