DANTALION “Return To Deep Lethargy”

“Return To Deep Lethargy”
Spanish black metal might not sound like the most exciting thing in the world but you should have learned by now that there are no borders in metal. We are all brothers and sisters united by a common love. Where you come from doesn’t matter. It is what you deliver that matters. And deliver Dantalion does. At least in the form of a new CD. I reviewed an album by them not so long ago that kinda impressed me. I hope that this new record won’t disappoint me. I have a favourite in Norwegian Hades Almighty. I can listen to their albums for days and not tire a bit. I love the groove they create. I kinda feel the same way with Dantalion. There is a groove to the music that is hard to resist. You get transported into a different world when you listen to this record. That to me is as good as it gets. Anders Ekdahl

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