Dante Fox – “Breathless”


Dante Fox – “Breathless” (AOR Heaven)

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Gotta admit, for some reason I’ve always thought that Dante Fox were an American band (they’re actually from the UK) – but there can be no mistake that they’re AOR heaven! Fronted by Sue Willetts, who was voted 19 in the Top 50 Female Vocalists of All Time by Classic Rock Magazine alongside Ann Wilson and Cher, Dante Fox have been going since 1989 and despite the onslaught of grunge, seem to have only gone from strength to strength over the years, attesting to their measure as a band. Firmly rooted in 80s AOR, it’s especially evident in guitarist Tim Manford’s riffs and melodies, and brought even more to the fore in keyboardist (for this album) Eric Ragno’s 80s harmonies. Sue Willetts deservedly meets her star rating, possessing a soft yet soulful voice that even today hits all the highs and with a confident power that some of her higher ranking peers might be justifiably enviable of. What it all adds up to is authentic 80s AOR in all its passion, heartbreak and sheer positivity but given a modern touch by this clearly talented band who’ve never strayed from their love of the style. Don’t believe me? Well just check out the likes of the silky but suave bliss of ‘Dynamite’, the rocking ‘Young Hearts’ and the soft ballad of ‘Love Affair’ that will indeed leave you breathless on this stunning album!

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