Dante Fox – “Six String Revolver”

Dante Fox – “Six String Revolver” (AOR Heaven)

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Dante Fox have done it again. Seemingly on a roll since the release of last years “Breathless” album and with an imminent show at Germany’s HEAT Festival, these British AOR rockers have decided to revisit their early history, specifically re-recording 10 tracks from their first 2 albums, “Under Suspicion” and “The Fire Within”. Needless to say it’s all done magnificently in style with a modern sound led by the incredible vocals of band founder Sue Willetts, who was voted 20 in the top 50 Female vocalists of all time by Classic Rock Magazine alongside Ann Wilson and Cher! Along with her power and soul comes the matching guitar work of longtime band mate (and hubby) Tim Manford, who complements her brilliantly across a range of AOR numbers that will send your heart fluttering and definitely melt your soul. From the romantic passion of ‘A Matter Of Time’ with its genteel guitar tones and harmonies contrasted by Willetts soaring highs to the more upbeat ‘Still Remember Love’, the comparisons to 80s Heart are there especially in the irresistible heart breaking chorus that has full blooded AOR stamped all over it. My personal fave had to be ‘Remember My Name’ with its sassy guitar, funky groove and not in the least Willetts power resonating an assertiveness throughout and especially in the super catchy chorus – yeah, you won’t be forgetting this one! While being re-recorded with an excellent production, the point here is that these are not re-workings other than the odd tweak here and there as the original compositions stand as good as they were back then. As such “Six String Revolver” is an excellent revitalization of old classics for a new generation of fans while treating their longtime followers to something truly special.

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