DARK AGE “A Matter Of Trust”

“A Matter Of Trust”
I’m really glad that I wasn’t born in the dark ages. Mostly because then I would not be able to sit here and write this but mostly because I don’t think I’d make it back then. Life was pretty rotten for most people and I have a sneaky feeling that I would not have been of the higher ranks. This might be the 7th DARK AGE album but I can’t remember having heard a single one of the previous six. So I have no idea what to expect from this lot. But from what I hear this is some sort of alternative metal. Call it modern metal if you like. I have no idea what that means but I get a more metal-ish hardrock kinda vibe. I will not start looking into the back catalogue of this band but I have no problem listening to this any day of the week. This is soothing for the soul. Anders Ekdahl

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