Dark Forest – “Beyond The Veil”


Dark Forest – “Beyond The Veil” (Cruz Del Sur Music)

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Heavy Metal from the woods! If you’re a fan of folk / medieval metal along the lines of Elvenking or Falconer and with a distinct English flavor, then you need to venture into this Dark Forest. Bravely calling themselves Heavy Metal and now onto their 4th full length release in “Beyond The Veil”, it doesn’t come any more grandiose than the 12 epic tracks herein clocking in at over 70 minutes! Richly inspired by folkloric tales, mythology and ancient history, along with paganism and magic, this is a band that writes from the heart about what they want, so expect deep, atmospheric compositions befitting their themes as the power of the woodland comes to life on hugely catchy songs like ‘Where The Arrow Falls’, the Children of Bodom like ‘Blackthorn’ and the 15 minute epic of ‘The Lore Of The Land’. Needless to say, the music is no less spell bounding especially with the amazing up front twin guitars of founder Christian Horton (ex Cloven Hoof) and Pat Jenkins, who deliver some of the most passionate and beautiful melodies I’ve ever heard, reaching right into my heart and soul to carry me off back through time or to some mythical land, sung out by the soulful bard like vocals of Josh Winnard (ex Wytch Hazel). By all accounts a superb album, and despite their name, all I saw was the blinding light of uplifting strength, limitless positivity and huge amounts of heartfelt love!

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