DARK MAN SHADOW “Victims Of Neglience”

“Victims Of Neglience”
DARK MAN SHADOW might not sound like the most sexy band name you can come up with but once you get used to it, it isn’t that bad. It does kinda set the tone for what you can expect from them musically. This is black metal that is both symphonic and aggressive. The way I prefer my symphonic black metal. Listening to this is like being injected with pure energy straight into the veins. There is so much energy pouring out of this album that if that doesn’t get you heart pumping you are truly dead and should be buried in a shallow grave. This is the kind of black metal that will revive any old dried up heart. You might have heard this kind of black metal a number of times already but when it comes packaged like this I for one can’t resist it. This one I gotta buy. Anders Ekdahl

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