DARK MILLENNIUM “Where Oceans Collide”

”Where Oceans Collide”
(Massacre Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Okay, this is a band that I have totally missed out on. Having formed in 1989 and released a couple of demos before the debut came out in 1992 this is a band that I should have known of, and even having heard. But I cannot remember even been in contact with them. Which is a shame judging by this new, their fourth album. Because this is good. There is a charm to this that I find highly entertaining. It is extreme metal but there is an accessibility to this that I like. It is not a hard album to listen to. In fact it is very easy to get into. This is being described as dark metal. I think that is a fitting description. The band seem to take from different sub-genres of metal to make it their own. I sit here and think thrash, goth, heavy and even some death metal when I listen to this. But they manage to pull it together in a very fine way. One if this week’s high lights. Anders Ekdahl

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