DARK NIGHTMARE “Beneath The Veils Of Winter”

“Beneath The Veils Of Winter”
(Iron on Iron)
Sometime I get high expectations just by looking at the cover. Not knowing anything about this Greek band I expected great things just by looking at the art work. It made me think of Swedish Heavy Load and their albums from the 80s. If Dark Nightmare comes anywhere close to those albums then this is going to be a hell of an album. It started rather tame but once the intro to the first song was over it turned into a symphonic-laced heavy metal album nowhere close to my expectations of a Heavy Load-overdose. This turned out to be good in a whole different way. If you can stomach the high pitched vocals then you are on to a gem of a symphonic metal album. and while they do not sound anything like Heavy Load they still brought a smile to my face. And that is as good as anything. Anders Ekdahl

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