Dark Sermon – “In Tongues”

Dark Sermon – “In Tongues” (Nuclear Blast)

These Floridians were formerly known as In Reference To A Sinking Ship which was metalcore before turning to the dark side lol. These days they play fast heavy death along the lines of The Black Dahlia Murder with occasional forays into blurring Behemoth death, although there’s certainly still a strong core element a la Hatebreed in Johnny Crowder’s vocals not just in terms of their hoarse barking power but also the variety of screams and even a hint at pig squeals on songs like ‘The Tree Of New Life’, ‘Cursed’ and ‘Forfeit I – The Crooked Quill’. In between the twin guitars do a fine job of churning out riffs, warbling melodies and experimental like solos to complement the various styles. Although not original it’s clear that the band have found new ground in Dark Sermon, as there’s no denying their tightness and turbine energy in gettin a crowd going on this one.

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