Dark Stares – “Octopon”

Dark Stares – “Octopon” EP (www.facebook.com/DarkStares)

Despite being formed in the conservative wilds of the English countryside, these guys have a wild trippy groove that would set any field on fire! From Miles Kristian Howell’s distant almost radio miked vocals to the fuzzyish stoner like riffs that also owe more than a cheeky wink to the likes of The Rolling Stones and Bowie, these guys definitely have a dark side to their songs like ‘Bad Machine’, ‘Steal Your Girl’ and ‘Blackfyre’. Formed only in 2011, Dark Stares have gone from strength to strength playing the 100 Club and supporting bands ranging from Enter Shikari to The Darkness and even the Fun Loving Criminals. With their widely appealing yet catchy material, therein lies the hook of Dark Stares in their ability to reach out into many souls, and draw the worthy into their world of dark wonder.

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