DARKALL SLAVES “Abysses Of Seclusion”

“Abysses Of Seclusion”
I’m not the one to complain about band names. I know how hard it is to come up with a cool name for your band. But some names makes me wonder what the band thought when they named it. DARKALL SLAVES just don’t sit right in my mouth. But then I have no idea what DARKALL is or means to the band. This is a three tack single. Don’t see those too often when it comes to this kind of music; brutal death metal. Don’t know how well you’ll get to know a band over two tracks but this is the kind of death metal that owes everything to Cannibal Corpse. Yet somehow they have taken that sound even further and made it even more brutal. I love this kind of stuff. When it is as brutal as this is I can’t but bang my head in approval. Anders Ekdahl

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