DARKANE “The Sinister Supremacy”

”The Sinister Supremacy”
OK. So this band might be from my home town but since we are of a different generation I have never met them. I have hardly heard their music. I think I have one album by them and that is their debut from way back. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t give them another chance to prove themselves. As I haven’t paid too much attention to them I have no idea what they are about musically. That is thrash metal there is no question about. But what kind of thrash it is harder to tell. I do get some very minor The Haunted vibes but that I think is more a mind ghost than a viable reference. I like it when they thrash it out full on. Don’t like it so much when they go into the softer bits. Especially as it happens within the same song. I wouldn’t have objected if they did a full on thrash tune and then mixed it up with a softer one. But despite my reservations I do like this album simply because it is more thrash than it is soft metal. Anders Ekdahl

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