DARKEND “Grand Guignol – Book 1”

“Grand Guignol – Book 1”
(Crash and Burn)
From out of nowhere came this album my way. Don’t know a thing about them. Hopefully I’ll be fully enlightened by the end of this album. I get a sense that there is a theme/concept to this but since I don’t have the lyrics I can’t tell. Musically I get flashes to a more extreme Cradle Of Filth. There is that same dramatic feel to this as there is to COF’s music. It kinda sweeps over you like a velvet blanket laced with razors. Looks nice but cuts deep. There is a charm to this kind of black metal. It just requires your full attention to not be lost on you. This isn’t the kind of music you do your dishes to, unless your hubby/wifey has cheated on you. This works as the perfect soundtrack to act out to. Let yourself be true to you and dance around like an insane person and scare your neighbours as you listen to this. Anders Ekdahl

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