DARKENHÖLD “Arcanes & Sortiléges”

“Arcanes & Sortiléges”
(Les Acteurs De Lombre)

Battle Helm Rating

I know that I have interviewed them back in 2016 and reviewed the previous album in 2017. So I am not totally unfamiliar with the band. It only makes me really want to hear this new one even more. I gave the previous one 4,5/5. Will this one be a 5/5 album? This is black metal, make no mistake of that. If there ever was a melodic black metal band then it has to be DARKENHÖLD. Because this is both black and melodic. At times it is almost heavy metal-ish in spirit. I don’t know if it is a 5/5 album but I see no reason to change my grading from the last one. This new one is also a 4.575 album. I thoroughly enjoy what I hear. Anders Ekdahl

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