Darkest Era – “Gods and Origins”


Darkest Era – “Gods and Origins” EP (Cruz Del Sur Music)

After 10 years, Ireland’s Darkest Era have certainly made their mark upon the world with their deep n dark Celtic metal over the course of 2 EPs and 2 full length albums! Formed by guitarists Ade Mulgrew and Sarah Wieghell who started writing as school friends, Darkest Era successfully fused the 70s Celtic rock of Thin Lizzy with modern heavy metal, influenced heavily by Celtic mythology and folklore. Revisiting old times, Mulgrew and Wieghell have resurrected one of the first songs they wrote, ‘An Dagda’, breathing fire with dark, heavy guitars resonating power but also that famed Celtic passion in their solos and brought vivdly to life by Krum’s soulful vocals on a hard hitting mix. Just to add a contrast to their Celtic furor, they then offer the dark but soft acoustic of ‘Elohim’, written after their last album “Severance” and showing their more folkloric moments with woodwind instruments and layered vocals that follow on stylishly from prior material like ‘Poem To The Gael’. A great reminder of what Celtic metal is all about, and moreover why Darkest Era are one of Ireland’s most promising bands.

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