Darkfall – “Road To Redemption”

Darkfall – “Road To Redemption” (Noiseheadrecords)

Darkfall are a death / thrash band that have been going since the mid 90s when they were formed by vocalist Thomas Spiwak, who remains the sole founder over successive line up changes too numerous to mention. Well known in their native Austria as well as surrounding countries like Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic where they’ve toured over the years Darkfall are veritable road dogs, having played just about festival and venue you’d care to imagine – clearly they’re one of these bands that will play anywhere if you give ’em the chance. Musically they reflect their live show, meat n potatoes death / thrash with hoarse vocals a la Kreator, massive power riffs a la Testament and an even more aggressive rhythm a la Behemoth. Songs like ‘War Has Come’, ‘The Gods Await’ and ‘Never Ending Hate’ are clearly made for fist banging, crowd shout outs, and neck snapping headbanging. It’s not Metallica but it’s definitely music for muthas!

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