Darklight Corporation – “Pitchblack”

Darklight Corporation

This is an ambitious package hailing from the end of the world namely New Zealand! Thankfully the music is anything but remote and instead blends a number of 90s musical influences into a modern metal package. Fronted by Brazilian Fabio Santos, it comes as no surprise that his vocals strongly resemble Sepultura, while the guitars reek of Pantera and the rhythms could be Fear Factory. Interestingly, they also incorporate a fair amount of Prodigy like electronica vibe into songs like ‘Crazyhorse’, ‘Enter The Void’ and ‘Lost Soul Society’ so there’s plenty of variety in there – guess when you come from a place where few bands tour you wanna offer the whole shebang, and Darklight Corporation do a respectable job here, so why not?

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