DARKNESS BY OATH “Near Death Experience”

“Near Death Experience”
(Cyclone Empire)
I can’t help wondering whom all these bands that keep releasing albums are aiming for. We are just so many that are into metal that someday we’ll all overload/dose on metal albums. Until that day comes I’ll just keep on discovering new and cool bands. Don’t know how cool Darkness By Oath are but that they have overdosed on At The Gates is clear from the word go. Listening to “Near Death Experience” is like listening to the follow up to “Slaugther Of The Soul”. I’m not complaining. I love that album. I even saw At the Gates very last show before they broke up the first time. Don’t know how well Darkness By Oath will go down with the hardcore ATG fans but among us that don’t care too much this will be liked for what it is; a cool Swed-death album. So for all of you that like screamy vocals, galloping guitars and a thunderous pounding this is da shit. Anders Ekdahl

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