DARKNESS “Over And Out”

“Over And Out”
(Massacre Records)

Battle Helm Rating

DARKNESS are classic second wave German thrash metal. After the big three, Destruction, Kreator and Sodom a whole plethora of bands emerged in the 80s. All playing a style of thrash that really appealed to me. Even to this day I still return to this era for some really cool thrash moments. I was supposed to see them live in 2020 but Covid-19 fucked that up. Instead I have to settle for this new EP. I gotta say that it is a bit strange to sit here now and listen to a band that I listened to in the 80s and they basically sound the same. Sure, they are older and perhaps wiser too but this is still classic DARKNESS thrash. Had it not been for the fact that this is an EP it would have been close to perfect. It is still cool as hell though. Still a fan 3 decades later. Anders Ekdahl

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