Darkology – “Fated To Burn”


Darkology – “Fated To Burn” (Prime Eon Media)

If you like searing, molten metal a la Priest or Metal Church then Ohio’s Darkology will no doubt be blitzing you with this white hot sophomore! Fresh off a support tour of Overkill and Prong, I wouldn’t put the band in such extreme categories as those aforementioned bands, however, the intensity of Darkology’s music definitely gives them enough gusto to hold their own while mesmerizing any audience with their own superior musicianship. Veterans all, featuring the air raid siren vocals of Kelly Sundown Carpenter (Beyond Twilight, Outworld, Epysode and former touring vocalist for Firewind), the uber dextrous guitar of Michael Harris (Chastain, Thought Chamber, Arch Rival, Leather), along with bassist Mike Neal (Medieval Steel, Salem’s Lot) and pummeling drummer Brian Harris (Firewind, Solstice, My Own Victim), Darkology’s music ably mixes melody with pure metal played to the max on ‘Quantum Genocide’, ‘21st Century Frankensteins’ and ‘Nightmare King’. With just the right amount of groove the 12 tracks here have a heavy chugging groove thanks to Neal and Brian’s solid freight train rhythm that drives and pumps relentlessly, allowing Michael’s wild, wailing guitars to dance n shred across the material with Carpenter’s WMD vocals (honestly, he’s that loud!) laying waste to anything that’s left! With renowned producer Chris ‘CT’ Tsangarides even marveling at the talents of this band, Darkology definitely form what is the next wave of devastating US metal to be aurally assaulting you this year!

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